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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

Getting Through

Yvonne Rodney

ISBN:  9780828023863

$11.99 - Price

Yvonne Rodney reads an excerpt from her book and holds a brief discussion:

Crushing disappointment.

Devastating loss.

Unutterable grief.

Friday morning the members of New Haven Ministries are blissfully unaware of the raging storm of emotions looming on the horizon. But nightfall brings shocking news—one of their own has fallen.

Stunned by his untimely death, family and friends struggle to cope, to understand, and even to grieve. In the midst of the turmoil New Haven’s highly respected youth leader receives a disturbing phone call—his past has finally caught up with him. Will his marriage survive the tempest? What about the young men he mentors—will they ever trust him again?

Broken and weary, each person must chart their own course toward strength, hope, and healing. For some it’s a path that sends them stumbling straight into God’s open arms. For others it’s an uncertain journey filled with winding detours.

But Sunday morning’s coming, and with it a spectacular promise.