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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

Daughters of Grace

Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

ISBN:  9780828023832
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They were just ordinary women!  Their lives crept along moment by moment, the mundane mixed with the exceptional.  Of course, the mundane demanded most of their time—eating, sleeping, and working tends to fill up the years.  Yet bits and pieces of their lives were chronicled in the world’s most enduring Book.  What made them so unique… so special?

They were like you.  They laughed and cried, struggled and triumphed—they were talented and they were inadequate.  And no matter the circumstances, God had a plan for them—every one of them was valuable in His eyes.

Trudy J. Morgan-Cole draws back the dusty curtains of time and offers an intimate glimpse into the souls of these women whom the world has never forgotten but never really knew.  And who knows?  One of their stories might be your story.