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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

Real Magazine

Real is a bimonthly outreach magazine for unchurched and former Adventist young people ages 9-15. Real contains true stories (including one bilingual story in Spanish and English), surprising facts, puzzles, advice columns, Bible study pages, and more. Each issue provides an opportunity for readers to sign up for free Bible lessons through the Voice of Prophecy.

The VISION of Real is to bring the gospel into the homes of unchurched children. Its MISSION is to provide a magazine that encourages young people to begin a saving friendship with Jesus and challenges them to live for Him.

Evangelizing the 4-14 Window
Full of energy, children are the group that is most receptive to the gospel message and most strategically positioned to bring others to faith in Christ. The early period of a child's life, called the 4-14 window, is crucial for evangelism. A Barna study indicated that "nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so before reaching the age of 13."* Real aims to reach this vital age group.

You Can Share Jesus With an Unchurched Child
Real magazine is provided free to any unchurched child whose name is sent to us. Generous donors who care about the salvation of young people make it possible to send these free subscriptions.

Won't you join us in bringing children to Christ? Every dollar you give helps send Real to a child. A one-year subscription to Real costs $10. How many children would you like to reach with the gospel?

*The Barna Group, "Evangelism Is Most Effective Among Kids." .

Find out more at www.ShareReal.org.

Do you have a question about this ministry? It's easy to contact the project director, Randy Fishell.