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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

Great Controvery

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to share The Great Controversy with my neighbors?

Cost is only $.69 per book plus shipping. Additional costs apply on certain postal routes.

Do I have to mail the books myself?

No. The Review and Herald Publishing Association will put the books into the postal system at your request.

I want to send the book to all the people in my Zip code or carrier route. How do I find out how many books would be required?

Here's how you can find out how many homes are in your Zip code or in your carrier route. You will need to access the internet.

First, here's how to find which carrier route serves your home, follow these steps:

Go to http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/

Enter your address, city, state and zip you need to look up.

Click on "Submit >."

Click on "Show Mailing Industry Details." It will open a new window, the top line will tell you your carrier route number. Make a note of your carrier route number.

If you need to find out how many box routes, city routes, or carrier routes are in a Zip Code:

Go to www.acculeads.com/cow1.max

Log on with user ID: gcproject and password: rh2009

Click on the log in button

Click on "Compact Resident List" next to the Compact logo.

Under Zip5, type in the zip codes you need to look up

Click on "Count Report" on the left hand menu.

Make sure that the carrier route button is selected.

To recieve the report by e-mail, add a semicolon and your e-mail address in this box. The report will come in Microsoft Excel format unless you select the button that specifies the HTML format.

Click the Submit Report button at the bottom of the page. At this time, a copy of the e-mail report will go automatically to the Review and Herald.

Click the My Counts link if you want to view the results online.

Click the Okay button to leave the page.

The top line should contain your report. Click on the small color graphic to see your counts.

This report lists individual box routes, city routes, or carrier routes. The first number on the left is the number of address in that particular route. Please do not order labels at this time. Use the link above to find which of the routes listed is yours. When you are finished, click on the red "Log Out" link.

How do I get the addresses?

Individual addresses are not needed for "saturation mailings" to postal routes. We just need to know which postal routes you want to reach.

More Questions: Call 1-800-876-7313