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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

NAD Subscriptions - Change Your Address

Why doesn't my mailing label look like this?

If your mailing label does not have a nine-digit account number in the top left corner, you may be looking at the North American Division edition of the Adventist Review. This monthly edition of the Adventist Review is sent without charge to a list generated by your union conferences. Look at the list below to find how you can contact your union and change your address.

Union Papers

Address Change Contacts - 8/29/01
Atlantic Union Gleaner
E-mail: 74617.3625@compuserve.com

Canadian Union Messenger
E-mail: addresses@sdacc.org

Columbia Union Visitor
Mail: Just send your new address, along with the mailing label that's attached to the back page of the magazine, to your local Conference office at the address printed in the masthead.

Lake Union Herald
Website: http://luc.adventist.org/herald/herald-submit-labelcorrection.html

Mid-America Union Outlook
E-mail: info@maucsda.org
Please include the numbers above your name on the mailing label in addition to your name and address.
North Pacific Union Gleaner
Mail: Address-change requests must be submitted by U.S. mail to Gleaner,
P. O. Box 16670, Portland, OR 97292-0670

Pacific Union Recorder
Website: http://recorder.adventist.org/subscribe.htm

Southern Union Tidings
E-mail: bmillburn@southernunion.com

Southwestern Union Record
E-mail: jthomas@swunion-adventist.org