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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

Bible Commentary

Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, CD-ROM, version 3.0, Expanded Edition

Upgrades to Version 3
Available through R&H bookstore only: 301-393-3228. You qualify for special discounts if you are upgrading from a previous version of the Bible Commentary to the new Bible Commentary Version 3.0 Expanded, a special discount is available to you if you also own a Folio edition of Ellen White’s published writings. (See "Special Discount Prices" below.)

Upgrade From Previous Bible Commentary Version to Version 3.0 Standard
(Bible Commentary only)
v 1.0 to v 3.0, $49.99
v 2.0/2.1 to v 3.0, $24.99
v 2.2a to v 3.0, $24.99

Upgrade From Previous Bible Commentary Version to Version 3.0 Expanded
(Bible Commentary plus Ellen White’s complete published writings)
Regular Upgrade Prices
v 1.0 to v 3.0, $124.99
v 2.0/2.1 to v 3.0, $99.99
v 2.1 unlocked to v 3, $24.99
v 2.2a to v 3.0, $99.99
v 2.2b to v 3.0, $24.99
v 3.0 stan to 3.0 exp, $89.99  

Special Discount Upgrade Prices
(For customers who are upgrading from a previous edition of the Bible Commentary and also own Ellen White’s writings in a Folio edition.)
v 1.0 to v 3.0, $74.99
v 2.0/2.1 to v 3.0, $49.99
v 2.2a to v 3.0, $49.99
v 3.0 stan to v 3.0 exp, $39.99

These upgrades prices are available only through the Review and Herald Bookstore. Call 301-393-3228 and have a credit card handy. Tell the bookstore attendant whether you qualify for the regular upgrade price or the special discount price. If you live outside the US or Canada, please send an e-mail to for information on how to obtain an upgrade.

Unlock Codes for Ellen White’s Writings
We no longer sell unlocks to the Complete Writings of Ellen White. Owners of previous versions can upgrade to version 3.0 by calling the Review and Herald Bookstore at 301-393-3228.

If you purchased an unlock code for the writings of Ellen White in the past and need another unlock code so you can reinstall the program or install the program on a second computer, please send an e-mail to commentary@rhpa.org. Include your name, address, phone number, and serial number of your SDA Bible Commentary CD-ROM, and explain why you need a new unlock code (your hard drive crashed and you need to reinstall your programs, you bought a new computer and need to reinstall, you want to put the program on your laptop, etc.). We will e-mail you a new unlock code and instructions on how to use it.

We urge you to upgrade to version 3.0 so you will have a CD-ROM with Ellen White’s writings already unlocked for future installations.

Bible-Commentary Synchronization for Version 2.2
If you type a Bible text in the appropriate search box, and your computer does not open the corresponding page in the Bible Commentary–you need to activate the synchronization feature. Send an e-mail to commentary@rhpa.org.

Libronix Technical Support/Customer Service
Contact the Libronix Customer Service staff for additional help with installation and answers to technical questions: Phone: 1-800-875-6467; E-mail: customerservice@logos.com

The Logos Bible Software website (under Support) includes information on common installation problems (including error messages) and additional help in using Libronix software.